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Alternative Risk Management (Fronting)

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​​For many corporations, the use of a self-insured retention or a captive insurance company is an essential part of their risk management strategy. While these strategies provide insureds with proven benefits, there is still a need for related administration and services.  Fronting services combine fronting with established value underwriting, quality claims management and risk control services to help minimize a corporation's total cost.


Why choose a fronting company: 

  • Admitted Paper:  policy from a locally licensed insurance carrier, often used for local premium payment and funds flow

  • Regulation/Compliance:  compliance with local regulations, requiring local policies

  • Support services:  underwriting/pricing, risk control, claims handling

  • Contractual:  support lending and or other agreements that require proof of local licensed insurance

  • Global capability:  provide local country licensed policies to support multinational programs

The Liberty Mutual Canada Difference:

  • Seamless experience for brokers and insures via a single point of contact involving virtually all lines of business

  • Multiline appetite

  • Flexible limits

  • Access to services in over 100 countries via Liberty Mutual Group offices or its strategic partners

Fronting Solutions:

  • Self Insured Retention (S.I.R.) programs: Companies wishing to retain insurance risk and losses, which are funded via their cash flow.  This reduces risk transfer costs.

  • Captive programs: Companies with offshore insurance companies of their own wishing to retain insurance risk and losses by transfer this risk/losses to their offshore entity.  Assists in reducing risk transfer costs.

  • Global Placements:  Companies looking to place insurance for operations located in other jurisdictions to ensure compliance with regulation and local premium payment and funds flow purposes. 



Tony LeiteAssistant Vice President, Alternative Risk Management78 Leite.jpgToronto, ON Tony Leite believes a single point of contact involving virtually all lines of business translates into a more seamless experience for fronting clients. “We’re able to accommodate a complete product suite of fronted policies encompassing most coverage lines both within Canada and globally,” says Tony, Assistant Vice President, Alternative Risk Management. “This makes it easier to streamline a client’s insurance program by facilitating the placement of both fronted and risk transfer lines with Liberty Mutual Canada.” Tony adds “The Liberty Mutual Canada fronting team collaborates with the brokerage community to address clients’ risk retention strategies.” He adds that Liberty Mutual Canada’s long-term fronting relationships attest to the value the company places on working with clients to address their needs. “There is one-on-one interaction or the client can benefit from team involvement where needed,” Tony says.​​416.307.4656Tony.Leite@Libertymutual.com Profiles/DispForm.aspx?ID=78Tony Leite







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Alternative Risk Management (Fronting)