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​​​​Passion for the Industry, Dedication to Clients

You have questions about railroad products. We have the specialists to answer them. Liberty Mutual Canada's team of railroad professionals knows how to protect clients with coverages such as railroad liability, general liability and railroad protective liability.

You'll receive fast quote turnaround and fully informed answers. Our underwriters are dedicated to this industry and to managing your risks.

Target Markets:

• Freight Railroads
• Passenger Railroads
• Railcar Lessors and Lessees
• Railroad Contractors
• Suppliers
• Service Providers and Product Manufacturers
• Track Owners and Customers

Product Lines and Capacity:

  • Railroad Liability, Tourist Railroad Liability, Excess Liability, Contingent Liability and Railroad Protective Liability: $25 Million

  • Comprehensive General Liability (CGL): $5 Million

Policy Forms:

  • Claims made and occurrence (manuscript forms) for Railroad Liability, Tourist Railroad Liability and Contingent Liability

  • Occurrence forms (ISO) for Railroad Protective Liability and CGL

Minimum Attachment Points:

  • SIR for Freight Railroads: $25,000

  • CGL and Tourist/Scenic Railroads: $5,000



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